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Here at Sunshine Shilohs I am striving to keep the pure Shiloh Shepherd alive and well by only using the pure Shiloh Shepherd in my breeding program.

I believe that in order to keep the breed true and maintain proper breed type it is essential to breed Shiloh Shepherds to Shiloh Shepherds. My goal is to keep the Shiloh Shepherd looking the same as it did years ago.

I am using the same phenotype of Shilohs in my breeding program in order to keep the type, substance & mass true in this breed.

I am making sure to keep the wonderful temperament true as well. I want loving family members that are good with kids, little dogs and can adapt to different situations with ease.

Asher/Macy Rae Puppies Available
7 males & 4 females
Plush & Smooth coats.

ICKC CH Sunshine’s Macy Rae of Misty Mountain
Sire Kai-Lyn's Soul Philosopher
Dam: Sunshine’s Lady Sophia
DOB: 02/06/2012     Height: 27”       Weight: 91 lbs
Hips: Penn Hip: L-0.26, R-0.32 No DJD (80th percentile)
Elbows: OFA Normal
Heart: OFA Normal- Cardiologist
Coat: Plush
Coat Color: Dark brown sable (mahogany tones)
Thyroid: OFA normal
DM- Clear, Normal

Fireside's Made to be Courageous v Shoen-Hirn
Sire: London Shoen Hirn Von Zion
Dam: Fireside's Sweet Georgia of
DOB: 11/10/12  Height: 29.5"   Weight: 121 lbs
Hips: Pen Hip: L-.28, R-.c26 (90th Percentile)

Elbows: OFA Normal
Heart: OFA Normal -Cardiologist
Coat: Smooth
Coat Color: Bi-Black Sable/Brown

Sunshine Shilohs, together with Fireside Shilohs, is pleased and proud to announce the breeding between Fireside’s Made to be Courageous V Shoen-Hirn, aka “Asher” and Sunshine’s Macy Rae of Misty Mountain, aka “Macy Rae”. 

ASHER: Anyone that comes into contact with Asher can see his bright attentive eyes which offer the correct insight that this male is highly intelligent, always watching and eager to please. He is the most “people centered” dog that Fireside has ever seen. Even as a young puppy, he would keep his eyes fixed on his owner, looking up into his’s eyes, waiting for any adventure with joy and anticipation. Training Asher was the most natural and easy thing to do since he has always wanted to work and please his owner.  Asher is outstanding with children and small animals. He is ready for exciting hiking expeditions, trail runs, while still having a sweet calm demeanor for a relaxing canoe trip. He loves nothing more than to stay right by the side of his owner, enjoying the beautiful outdoors.  Asher is the perfect package for those looking for that complete package in a Shiloh Shepherd with pure old lines and the gentle giant spoken about in the Shiloh Shepherd standard.  

Besides having an outstanding temperament and strong old-line genetics, Asher is a very correct and well conformed to the Shiloh Shepherd breed standard. He is a very masculine male with a perfect saber tail, a strong straight front, well sprung ribs creating a nice wide build and an outstanding and balanced carriage. This conformation is easy to read in Asher’s form and function; two things that create poetry in motion. Asher is also health tested and carries very impressive health stats.

MACY RAE: Those that have had the privilege of meeting Macy Rae walk away in awe of her sweet and kind disposition. She is a very calm and gentle girl who loves everything and everyone that comes to visit her. She welcomes newcomers at my gate with a wagging tail, soft kisses and soulful sweet chocolate eyes. When she goes into public, she draws attention from the crowds that gather to meet her. She sits quietly while children hug her neck and she offers them kisses while looking into the eyes of the adults allowing them to understand how much she adores them. She is a well-known patron of Lowe’s and Home Depot and many outdoor area cafés. She loves to snuggle with my guests, offering them a warm and welcomed visit to Sunshine Shilohs. Macy Rae is my constant companion, watching my every movement and ready to grab some fun at every turn.

During Macy’s first time in the show ring, she achieved 3 reserved Best In Shows and even went on to acquire a Best in Show which resulted in achieving her ICKC Championship in a single weekend. She entered the ring like a pro ready to strut her stuff and displayed the proud heritage of her grandfather, Harley. It isn’t hard to see Macy Rae’s genetics which are perfect blends of many well-known Shilohs. She is a magnificent representation of the female version of her grandsire, Harley, carrying the rich mahogany red tones and the blue black coloration that makes the Harley progeny stand out. From Macy Rae’s short muzzle, broad skull, beautiful ear set and ears, regal neck, gently sloping topline that flows into her perfectly set saber tail, Macy’s conformation is pure perfection. Sunshine Shilohs feels this particular girl displays everything that I have ever tried to accomplish and create in my breeding program.

TOGETHER: Asher and Macy Rae will produce what people are looking for in the Shiloh Shepherd breed; Old lines, pure and perfect, blended with just the right splash of new blood to move forward. This litter will carry everything the standard strives for in the Shiloh Shepherd---Beauty, brains, brawn, size, lovely temperaments, gentle spirits, intelligence, intuitiveness, gorgeous Shilohs with balance and carriage that will stop people in their tracks.

If you think you are interested in owning one of these incredible puppies please contact:
Anita Tricoli, Sunshine Shilohs

Central East Coast, Florida
(305) 335-8864

Bella  Macy Rae 8 months old running  Sophia  Sunshine in backyard  Tosca front shot  Atlas head shot  Bob 8 months old  Corbin standing summer 2012 Fenner May 2012  Harley Top Dog of 2006